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Who I am


My name is Kholoud Ismail

After I graduated as a civil engineer from Damascus university, I got my scholarship and travelled to London where I gained my MSc in environmental technology from Imperial college.

On the surface, my career might seem to have a winding path but if you take a closer look there are some common themes and a life mission a little deeper.

Along my journey, I have always been people-facing and thriving in such settings. It first began with my work in Safety Behaviour where I co-organized leadership trainings for 500+ employees from diverse backgrounds. This was to encourage a better company culture and accountability for people to be safe.

Environmental sustainability is a passion of mine. During my time in Oman, I managed the Ecology centre and created outreach programmes to educate the public and spread awareness.

I have been in Germany since 2014 and in the last two years, I have worked closely with a team to building and establish an ecological centre in Berlin which has afforded me the opportunity to continue this passion of mine from a new perspective. 

My extensive international experience and time working with multicultural teams, and the high level of empathy and compassion has built my strong desire to connect with humans of all backgrounds and dive into their stories together through thoughtful conversations. Such conversations can teach, inspire and generate empathy. My mission, together with my coachees, is to identify his/ her core values and to build bridges to allow him/ her to cross to their next destination.

Time, trust, commitment and a safe place are foundation for transformational coaching  

I will help you by facilitating the change, you want.

I speak Arabic, English, and German.


Let’s connect!